Network Calculators History

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January 1, 2005: Moved the calculators to their own domain -

January 25, 2004: Added the Subnet Mask Inverter which can help with calculating the right mask to use with ACLs.

May 17, 2003: Added support for RFC3021, added a Clear All button and fixed a bug on the Explain page.

June 3, 2001: Added the Subnet Mask Converter which allows you to convert a subnetmask between the dotted decimal convention and the /xx convention.

March 4, 2001: You no longer have to "zero" out the "Required nodes/hosts per network" field prior to selecting the number of "required sub-networks".

November 1, 2000: Added the binary and hex conversions, but still need to update the "Explain" feature. To use it fill in one of the 4 fields and click on the corresponding "Calculate" button to calculate the other 3 values. Let me know how it works.

November 1, 2000: Fixed a bug in the 'List Networks' feature that caused an incorrect listing in some of the 'To' fields when you had more than 256 subnets with a Class B address and more than 65536 subnets with a Class A address. Thanks to JerryM for catching this!

July 8, 2000: Updated the "List Networks" page to put the first host and last host in a range into separate columns.

April 15, 2000: Fixed the error on earlier versions of IE that was caused by loading the images after the rest of the page was loaded. I also fixed the bug in IE4 that caused errors when reading the values out of the drop down list. I was surprised that none of the users told me about it. I found out because a friend of mine was checking out my pages. If you find any errors with the version of browser that you are using, please let me know as soon as possible.

April 12, 2000: Tested the calculator on the Opera browser. Right now it displays wrong results and some of the formatting is off. I was surprised since their claim to fame is to make you pay for a browser that supports all of the official HTML specifications. However, on first testing I found 2 items that are in the W3C HTML 3.2 specification, but Opera does not support. I will attempt to make the Calc work using Opera, but will be unable to test new versions with it since I am not going to pay for a browser that makes grandiose statements and does not live up to them. The same can be said for IE and NS Navigator, however with those you get what you pay for. Anyways, I wish there was only one brand of browser since it is quite difficult for content providers like myself to ensure the pages work on any type of browser. Every brand and version seem to do things slightly different.

April 1, 2000: Added the history button and separated the history to a separate screen.

March 26, 2000: Added a 'jump' feature that will take you to the next cell automatically when entering IP addresses. Just remember to type the leading zeroes. This feature only works if using IE.

March 25, 2000: Fixed a bug with the calculator when using Netscape. This was caused by a difference in form properties between Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. I also noticed that Netscape 4.7 takes significantly longer on the 'Explain' features than IE does. If you notice any bugs with your operating system/browser combo, please let me know.

March 24, 2000: There is now an 'Explain' button for each calculator that explains your own example for you! Let me know if you find this helpful.

March 24, 2000: Added an IP address converter that converts between a decimal and a dotted decimal address.

March 19, 2000: The calculator will now also calculate supernets! Click on the calculator help button for more details.